Lebanese Vegetarian Cooking Class

Want to try something new? We offer a Lebanese vegetarian cooking course in July 2020 at the SimSim Restaurant in Oerlikon. The course will be led by Mr. Mohamed Ali the head chef of the SimSim Restaurant. Together with him you will prepare culinary delicacies from the Orient and enjoy them together afterwards.


Learn how to cook oriental recipes with a variety of vegetables, grains and legumes. We focus on creating a balanced and healthy menu.

Price: CHF 55 per person


  • Kushari (Egyptian national dish: a stew of noodles, rice, lentils, chickpeas and braised onions).
  • Betenjan (fried aubergines with mint yoghurt sauce).
  • Fattoush (mixed salad with crispy flat bread and pomegranate dressing).
  • Rakajck Jibn (puff pastry rolls with spiced melted cheese).

*All our courses include: ingredients, apron, chef’s hat, food and drink.

Our oriental cooking course is sold out.
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