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Welcome to SimSim

SimSim restaurant was created by two friends Mohamed and Mohy.

With the passion of Mohamed, the long-time chef of a well-known restaurant chain, and the accuracy of Mohy as a surgeon, a real business has become the project SimSim.

The two friends are united by their fondness for Lebanese food and good gastronomy. Together with business consultants, they have developed a simple and efficient concept for SimSim.

It is intended to allow Zurich residents to enjoy Middle Eastern delicacies in an extremely relaxed and informal atmosphere on-site or nicely packaged as a takeaway.

The name SimSim is a stylized form of "Semsem", the Arabic word for sesame, an important ingredient in many wonderful recipes from this room.
There is something for everyone with a good mood: mezzes and grilled food for young and old, vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers and also for gluten-free living.

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Puff pastry stuffed with seasoned cheese


Avocado with lime juice and mint