The restaurant SimSim was founded by two friends, Mohamed and Mohy.

With the passion of Mohamed, the long-standing chef of a well-known restaurant chain and Mohy’s precision  as a surgeon, SimSim has become a highly successful restaurant.

The two friends share a love of Lebanese food and good gastronomy. Together with the business consultancy, they have developed a simple and efficient concept for SimSim.

It is intended for people from Zurich and the Middle East to enjoy delicacies in an extremely relaxed and informal atmosphere on site or beautifully packaged as a takeaway.

The name SimSim is a stylized form of “Semsem”, the Arabic word for sesame, an important ingredient of many wonderful recipes from this area.

There is something for everyone in a good mood: Mezzes and barbecues for young and old, vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers and also for people living gluten free.