The Inspiring Journey Of Chef Mohamed Ali

Chef Mohamed Ali feels a close connection to his homeland and regularly travels to the Middle East to be inspired by the culinary treasures and culture. These trips are a source of inspiration for him and a way to honor his roots. He is passionate about going to the markets that are at the heart of Middle Eastern cuisine. There he explores the variety of spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, and the unique flavors this region has to offer. By eating on the streets, immersing himself in local cuisines, and interacting with locals, he experiences firsthand the authentic food culture of the Middle East.

Rediscovering Middle Eastern Culture

Chef Mohamed Ali is a passionate researcher, always striving to understand and discover Middle Eastern culture. He delves deep into the history, traditions, and stories that shape this culture. By visiting small family restaurants, preparing street food, and observing local chefs, he learns the secrets and intricacies of Middle Eastern cooking. These insights and experiences inform his creations at SimSim, giving them an authentic touch that delights diners.

Creating unique flavors

Chef Mohamed Ali’s journeys to the roots of Middle Eastern cuisine are integral to creating unique flavors at SimSim. By selecting the best ingredients discovered during his travels and combining them with his expertise, he creates unforgettable taste experiences. Through his direct participation in the culinary traditions of the Middle East, he manages to capture the essence and character of these dishes, making them a culinary journey for the senses.

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